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Haroon Ansar 2023

Immigration Visa Services Ltd helped me secure my Skilled Worker visa within 2 weeks!!! Absolutely amazed. The entire experience was practically perfect, they are quick, thoughtful and thorough.
Great service, excellent people and always available to help their clients

Welcome to Immigration Visa Sevices Limited

With years of experience in the field, Immigration Visa Services LTD is proud to have helped numerous individuals successfully achieve their UK immigration goals. Our experienced team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and is committed to providing thorough, accurate advice and guidance throughout the entire immigration process. Whether you are seeking to work or study in the UK, reunite with family members, or obtain a visa for any other reason, our team is here to help.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your UK Immigration Goals

Choosing the right visa for your circumstances is crucial to a successful immigration process. At Immigration Visa Services LTD, our team has years of experience helping individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of visa application. Let us help you secure the right visa for you.


"I had the good fortune of being introduced to Laura a few months back when I was looking for a way to get my Domestic Helper a visa for entrance into the UK from Singapore. Laura was very helpful and led myself and my domestic worker through the process very smoothly. Laura made the whole experience very positive. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone wishing to get visas to come into the UK. Laura is extremely knowledgeable about the whole process." 

Niki Harding

Domestic Worker Employer

What our clients say



Can I get Married in the UK With a Student Visa

Falling in love at university is a more common trait than you may realise, with 37% of people in the UK who have been to university over the last 50

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